Lots to Celebrate!

What did we celebrate tonight on the dance floor?

A) A beautiful summer evening
B) New laminated DDPP signs
C) A certain den mother’s birthday.

Answer: All three! The sun shone strongly through the windows, but we were not deterred (even though we prefer the dark), and danced it out to one of DJ Reaction’s more “interesting” mixes. Okay, it wasn’t dance gold, but there were quite a few gems to get us by. And besides, we finished class with a tray full of brownies, so how can you go wrong?

Happy birthday, Michele! Hope your next year is filled with happiness, pastries, and, of course, dancing!

Here’s this week’s playlist. (For last week’s, please refer to Michele’s old playlist.)



2 thoughts on “Lots to Celebrate!

  1. I picked up the flyer tonight at Sabastian Joes…is this a workout or a dance night or both?? How to dress?

    You dabbled in derby?? I just retired from MNRG’s Dagger Dolls. 🙂 Sista… 🙂
    Thanks!! Mary Tyler Roar

    • Both…you dance to great music for 80 minutes straight, which for me is an awesome workout. I wear workout clothes, because I definitely work up a sweat.

      See you Thursday!

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