Another Hot DJ Debut!

Usually I need sunny skies to keep me happy–I thrive on sunshine like a vampire thrives on blood–but the threat of a thunderstorm on Thursday left everything grey and overcast. That meant a nice, dark room at our studio, which helped set the mood as a dozen ladies grooved to DJ Miss Mix-a-Lot’s awesome dance mix. And THAT made me happier than all the sunshine in the world.

After the first song got our heartbeat up, the second song melted the group like butter on a baked potato; it was as if a switch had been turned to “slink,” as we slithered around with more sexiness than a late-night cabaret. The evening was later punctuated with pantomime–an air guitar here, an air lasso there–and spontaneous clapping. Kudos to Miss Mix-a-Lot for a stunning DJ debut! Your tunes are welcome back anytime!

What got us hopping? Read on, faithful viewers:



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