About that Playlist…

Okay, your den mother has been seriously slackin’. But can you blame her, with all the holidays and beautiful weather? At any rate, here’s a quick wrapup of our dance-a-thon from Thursday, June 25th…

The numbers may have been small, but it was still a rockin’ time on the DDPP dance floor. DJ Reaction threw out a mix full of random happiness, including a lot of guilty pleasures from the ’80s and ’90s along with a few aberrant entries. We were all smokin’ with our dance moves, and Tex Williams’s ode to the cancer stick had us jumping around like bouncing balls, then tangled in knots. (Please note: DDPP does not endorse smoking tobacco.)

It was only after class that I realized that the last (fast) song of the night was a tribute to Michael Jackson. Michael and his brothers had us running around, clapping, and singing to the beat. (Your den mothers even tried to choreograph some synchronized moves–not without a few hiccups, but it was a valiant effort.) I personally was not fond of MJ in his later years, but I will always remember him as an important part of the soundtrack to my childhood, and I’m sure many of his songs will show up in future DJ Reaction playlists. Until then, here’s what we danced to oh so long ago…



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