Didn’t She Blow Our Minds This Time? (Didn’t She?)

So last night, I’m sitting around with our DJ and one of the regulars, thinking it would just be the three of us dancing. I asked Lindsay if she wanted me to use my backup mix and she could DJ next week. “No, that’s okay,” she replied, “everyone will just have to miss my awesome mix.”

And what happened next? The phone rang, with EIGHT more ladies on the line, waiting to get their dance on! Not only did we have record-breaking attendance last night, DJ Cacophony’s mix made my head want to do this:


In a word: mindblowing. There were so many great moments last night, like when eleven ladies started doing their best Riverdance moves, or the realization that you can mix Jay-Z with anything. A lot of ladies asked afterwards what songs were played. Well, here they are:


Thank you thank you THANK YOU to all the ladies that came out last night. I had a great time, and hope you did too!


One thought on “Didn’t She Blow Our Minds This Time? (Didn’t She?)

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