This Thursday: All-Request Open House Partaaaaayyyy!

Remember those Saturday nights back in middle/high school, hanging out with friends and listening to the radio? Did you ever listen to Open House Party? Did you try to make your own dedication, but just couldn’t get through the phone lines?


Well, you’ll get to make up for that this Thursday…drawing inspiration from Mr. Garabedian himself, you–that’s right–YOU get to call the shots this Thursday. Send us your requests for what you want to hear. And feel free to send a shout-out too; we’ll read them during class.

Dedicate your friend’s favorite song from your dance-club days!
Dedicate an embarrassing song to your worst enemy!
Be an independent woman and dedicate a song to yourself–you deserve it!

No matter what that song may be, as long as it’s danceable and not too obscure, it’s fair game! So send in those requests by 7PM WEDNESDAY NIGHT, and they’ll be pumping through the speakers this Thursday!

What could be hotter? Why, you coming out and dancing on Thursday, of course!


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