More Fun Than a Broken Coccyx!

DDPP never fails to surprise…you never know what that magic song will be that gets everyone jumping, skipping, and running around on the floor. I mean, I like Erasure, but I never knew it could be such a hit with the ladies. Rock on!

Special thanks to the three new ladies who dipped their toes in the sparkling waters of DDPP, and then took the plunge! Their moves were shakin’, and I was impressed with the first ever air piccolo demonstration on the floor. Yes, the tunes will make you want to get down AND impersonate various musical instruments! Not to mention, the tunes will make you sing along. Go ahead, the music’s blaring anyway…

Your den mother’s computer is healing from a computer hack last week, so I can’t put the playlist up just yet, but look for it soon!

And, of course, see you Thursday!


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