DJ Chatty Gives Us Something to Talk About

So Carly, aka DJ Chatty, had been trying to DJ for some time. Unfortunately, she was 0-2; first, a winter blizzard canceled her triumphant debut. Then, two Thursdays ago, her charitable blood donation left her unable to perform DJ duties. Convinced her mix was jinxed, she made a brand new mix and busted it out for us this past Thursday. And let me tell you, she was worth the wait. From Motown classics to Eagles of Death Metal, the tunes were hoppin’. Not to mention the simultaneous hand motions…during numerous choruses, I saw everyone’s hands go up in the air. It’s important to work all of your muscles, ladies, and that’s why it was especially gratifying when the class broke out into the Hand Jive.


Congrats to DJ Chatty for an awesome job! And now that the jinx is broken, it’s time to show us that old mix you still have lying around…

More hot tunes comin’ at ya this Thursday! Maybe we’ll focus on another body part?

Until then, here’s DJ Chatty’s mix, for your viewing pleasure:



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