Dancing in Heaven

Summer is almost upon us! The days are getting longer, and although I prefer a dark studio to dance in, I couldn’t help but smile as the long, golden rays of the setting sun bounced off of our brand new disco ball, peppering half of our studio with dots of light. Nine ladies made it out last night (a new record!) to dance around in air-conditioned bliss. Whether we danced in place, checking ourselves out in the mirror, or ran around the room, weaving in and out of ladies like we were making a human potholder (umm, yeah), the energy was high, and the dance fever was more contagious than a strain of H1N1.

Your den mother, DJ Reaction, was back from her travels to China, and injected a quick shot of Chinese pop into the mix last night. (If you’re wondering which song, it’s the one with all the boxes–trust me, it’s a song by the artist Jolin.) But that was just one song of many…it was nearly 80 minutes of pure, unadulterated dance craze. Thanks to everyone who came out last night–it was an awesome night! And special props to our newest dancers, who shook it like seasoned pros, and didn’t stop the dance even when my hand accidentally collided with one of their heads. Yikes. I love you, ladies!



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