The Healing Powers of Dance

Last Thursday your den mother wasn’t feeling so hot. Although she would have loved to call in sick and cancel class, she remained determined to bring the Twin Cities their weekly dose of groove and funk. A compromise, however, had to be reached; your den mother vowed that she would only be a spectator that evening.

Oh, and how that did not happen! From the first song, she couldn’t stop tappin’ her foot to the beat. Soon she was in her full dancing gear, and moving (albeit more modestly than usual) along with her fellow dancemates. That included two NEW ladies, who not only had awesome moves, but fancy tops to match!

So, despite taking a break for a short while, your den mother was feelin’ pretty good afterwards. Go music therapy!

On a sad note, however, the efforts to fix the disco ball failed. It will remain in its current state for the next Thursday, but will be scrapped thereafter. However, it will be reincarnated for an event in the future…

In the meantime, your den mother was able to give each lady on the dance floor a little bit o’ disco–that’s right, disco ball necklaces are now available at each and every DDPP for personal adornment while you’re shakin’ it. Just be careful; a well-placed move could have a tiny disco ball smacking you in the face. Ouch!

And now, the playlist, which pairs well with any size disco ball:



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