A Successful Finish to March Madness!

Despite our hazy shade of (late) winter–boo all the grey skies–we had a great time last night. Thanks, as always, to all the ladies who came out. We had a blast skipping, jumping, and…singing?

One of the rules here at DDPP is no talking. Seems odd, I know, but communicating through dance keeps the vibe going–trust us on this one. However, after class one of the ladies asked me, “so, I know we can’t talk, but are we allowed to sing along?”


Yes, ladies, feel free to sing along with the music. Sing-alongs always tell me I’ve picked a good song, and besides, why do you think I turn the stereo up so loud?

So, here’s the playlist from last night: DJ Femme Fatale’s all-female mix got us dancing AND singing:


Next week we’re back to regular ol’ DDPP. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the beats are any less hot…see you on the dance floor!


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