March Madness Comes to a Close…

Last Thursday DJ Century spun 100 (101? 100.5? It was a little close) years of American dance music. Your den mother, sadly, had to miss again, but I was told that an impressive mosh pit started. Can you guess which track brought it on? I’m guessing one of the songs from the 1920’s–those flappers sure knew how to put the smack down.

Thanks again to Michele for taking my place. Lady, you’re so awesome, you deserve a 21-cupcake salute! And so do all the ladies (and new ladies) that came out last Thursday!


And here’s the mix, for all of posterity:


TOMORROW is the last week of March Madness. We’ll be finishing up with an all-ladies dance mix. No testosterone allowed on any of the tracks! See you then!


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