In All Its 80’s Glory…

Last night was a hot one, ladies, and if you weren’t there, you surely missed out. Last night, we donned our proverbial


And danced our socks off to the whole Footloose soundtrack. (Okay, we skipped the second version of the Shalamar song, available only on the 15th anniversary re-release.) As an added bonus, we touched on a few other 80’s movie gems, as you’ll see below.

We danced circles around the competition–literally. And, as the famous title track came on, it felt like we were right there in that basement for the prom:


Aww, Ren, what a lovely corsage! Thanks, buddy!

After class, we cooled down with some excellent Footloose trivia. Whether the ladies knew the answers or not, everyone was a winner–headbands, wristguards, and copies of the evening’s mix were up for grabs. Special thanks go to Old Arizona, for donating some chocolate bars as prizes.

Thanks to all the ladies that came out last night. See you next week for some time-traveling through American dance history. Until then, here’s last night’s mix:



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