March Madness at Dance Dance Party Party!

While those college guys are breaking a sweat on the basketball court, we’ll be breaking a sweat on the dance floor. Winner? DDPP over NCAA, any day! (Well, at least Thursdays.)

Just for the month of March…each week’s mix is a different theme!

March 5th: DJ Import takes you around the world in 80 minutes with her international dance mix. Experience 15 countries/five continents through booty-shakin’ dance tunes. No visa or vaccines required!

March 12th: Come and join us for a celebration of the movie whose music has been described as “the pop soundtrack of the ‘80s.” Yes, we’ll be playing the soundtrack to Footloose in its entirety. Can music change the world? Ren McCormack thought so, and so do we.

March 19th: Dance music has changed a lot over the years. Ever wonder what your parents danced to? How about your grandparents? Okay, how about your great-grandparents? DJ Century rolls out 101 years of American dance tunes. It’s the only dance party in town where you can get down to wax cylinder recordings. Check it out!

March 26th: DDPP is all about celebrating awesome women (ie, YOU). We’ll round out March Madness with an all-female dance mix by DJ Femme Fatale—sorry, no boys allowed on these tracks!


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