Swoopin’ in town for some dancin’

With all the traveling going on lately, your den mother has been feeling like this:


I spent most of the week recovering from my trip to Hawaii. (No tan, sadly, the whole island had overcast skies. Boo clouds.) Anyway, in the midst of my ten days reprieve, I realized that I had to make a mix for class last night. Aack! Panic!

So, I would not call my mix last night the greatest ever. But, it still got us groovin’. And props to our new dancer last night; I forgot to go over all the rules, or even discuss the “first five minutes,” but she fit in like a seasoned pro.

Oh, and while I was dancing, I think I counted something like four rap songs. Maybe a little much, although it did span a pretty wide range of rap. Check it out, along with the rest of the playlist:


Finally, I’ll catch up from my time away. Here’s the playlist from the week I was gone:


Your den mother will be out of town for another two Thursdays, this time to view the sunny skies of Arizona. But fear not, faithful dancers, two of our DDPP veterans, Bree and Michele, will be taking over while I’m away. Thanks, ladies!


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