(Over)Night Celebrity…What a Feeling!

Last night six sassy, sexy, saucy, strong, sinewy ladies (Is that six “s” words? Good!) were bustin’ a groove down at Old Arizona. Yours truly, DJ Reaction, kept the beats going, mixing hip-hop with swing, disco with rock, indie with 80’s. Last night wore me out–I think I set a new record for water breaks.

It was great to see new ladies gettin’ down and funky! I saw moves that were so awesome, I was green with envy. Thanks for coming out, and way to give it your all, all the way through to the last song! (But really, who couldn’t give it their all for Flashdance?)

Next week, your den mother will be in Hawaii, trapped on a mountaintop. BUT, class will go on! My cousin will be taking over the helm as I slave away in a control room. Rock! Thanks so much, lady!

Until then, let thoughts of this dance mix warm you as the temperature plummets this weekend…



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