DJ Jazzy Jenn and the Fresh Mix!

What could have possibly been better than bustin’ a groove on the dance floor last night? The fact that our class featured our first ever guest DJ! That’s right, DJ Jazzy Jenn stepped to the plate and knocked her mix right out of the park! We darted around, we leaped, we bounded. We shook our derrières, then sat on said derrières and spun around on the floor. We checked out our rockin’ selves in the mirror, we clapped to the beat. From Avril Lavigne to Jay-Z and every letter inbetween, this mix spelled nothing but A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

Way to go Jazzy Jenn, and thanks to all the ladies (and new ladies) who braved the cold to get their dance on. I’ve noticed that Thursdays seem to always be the coldest night of the week here in the Twin Cities. Why? Because all that heat is on our dance floor!

Want to see what was played? Sure you do!



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