What better way to fight the cold?

The usual rule of thumb here at DDPP is that the first five minutes can feel a little awkward. Last night, it was probably more like the first five milliseconds. Our numbers were small, but that just meant that we had all the room we wanted to go nuts. We ran around and did cartwheels. Ex-cellent!

A song had just ended, when in the brief moment of quiet I heard the loud *brrrrrr* of your den mother’s cell phone going off. Another lovely lady wanted to get on the dance floor, something that will never be discouraged.

With a happy, fixed stereo crankin’ out the tunes, it was lucky that I got a call between songs, or else I never would have heard the phone. Hence, I started dancing with cell phone in hand. By 7:30, though, I figured that we were done for the evening, so I set the phone down…and then, I noticed I had missed a call! Another awesome lady joining us for dancing awesomeness! I learned something last night: never underestimate the hardiness of Minnesotan women.

Thanks to all of the ladies that braved the weather last night to get their groove on! I will mention that, although it was 17 degrees outside, it was a hot and steamy 80 in the studio. It’s just going to get colder, so why not come and heat things up with us on the dance floor?

On a final note, here’s a public service announcement: don’t walk home in sub-freezing temps after having just sweated profusely for 90 minutes. Your den mother is sooo paying for it today. Can someone bring me some sudafed and chicken soup?

And now, the playlist…



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