You Can’t Stop the Dance!

Last night, seven lovely ladies joined your den mother at the first DDPP in the Twin Cities! We took a little time to get used to the surroundings, but soon enough we were jumping, running, and boogeyin’ across the dance floor to the sounds of DJ Reaction. Some disco music a) made the disco ball even more relevant and b) brought about spontaneous hand clapping. Ahh, sweet success!

But no one said making history was easy. The sound system reared its ugly head, and about 2/3 of the way through, it almost seemed like the speakers had cut out. (What did they have against the Who, anyway?) The solution? A little side-steppin’ around some of the songs on the list.

Despite the slightly shortened playlist, we were not daunted. Dammit, we were there to dance, and dance we did! I noticed after class that the windows were all steamed up. We were HOT!

So thanks to everyone that came out and braved the first class. You are awesome! Next week we will rock harder than ever, hopefully with some speakers that can cut the mustard. Your den mother has a busy weekend ahead of her…

And now, the playlist that got the party started. Ladies, leave your men at home…



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