April 12: DON’T with DJ Ghostwriter!

As DDPP Twin Cities regulars know, DJ Ghostwriter is the resident master of the uniquely themed mix, and her playlist for April 12 was no exception. Who knew there were so many songs with the imperative to NOT do something?
DON’T stand so close to me!

DON’T turn around!

And most importantly, DON’T GO INTO THE WOODS!

“If you want it chopped off, take it to the woods.”

Okay, so the last one may have been my addition. DJ Ghostwriter, please DO send us the rest of your mix!
Next week, we have DJ Rashes giving us the Sounds of Summer — see you there! And in the meantime, just . . . DON’T.

March 8: DJ SameSame + March 28: DJ HeyYa

Hey y’all! We’ve had a wonderful March here at DDPP. On 3/8, we celebrated the debut of DJ SameSame. The mix kicked off with one of my favorite hits of the 90s:

(Trigger warning: CLOWNS)

For the cool-down, we were promised a ballad so epic that we’d have to fight to keep from belting along, and DJ SameSame delivered, hard:

Update: Here’s the mix — thanks, DJ SameSame!


Last Sunday, we were also treated to another great DJ debut: Say “Howdy!” to DJ HeyYa and her “Dance Around the House Party” mix:


Dj HeyYa’s mix definitely delivered some more 90s goodness:


Thanks everybody! Next session, DJ Ghostwriter curates for our dancing pleasure once again. Until next time . . .

I’m totally shaking his hand

February 8: Hanging on the Telephone with DJ Ghostwriter!

RING RING! It’s for you!

Last Sunday, DJ Ghostwriter gave us a buzz with a theme mix that was all about phones:

Not only was it a stellar playlist, but the Raffi song was also stuck in my head for twenty-four hours, so I felt the warm afterglow of DDPP all through the following Monday. Thanks, DJ Ghostwriter!

Next session (2/22), DJ Xplosion will rock our collective world with another dynamite mix! Until then, tide yourself over with some Bananaphone. It’s a phone you can eat.

January 25: Around the World with DJ Rashes!

We heated up the chilly Minnesota evening with some spicy global jams from DJ Rashes! If your temperature’s rising, it’s not fever (well, maybe dance fever) — check it out:

Archie Powell & the Exports: Only So Much You Can Do
Bleachers: Rollercoaster
Balkan Beat Box: Hermetico
Rizzle Kicks: Put Your Two’s Up
Salman Khan & Asin: Meri Ada Bhi Ready
Stromae: Papaoutai
Clean Bandit: A&E (Random Acts)
Robbie Williams: Candy
Kylie Minogue: Into the Blue
Robert DeLong: Happy
Tove Lo: Timebomb
Anamanaguchi: Endless Fantasy
Joel Alme: Waiting for the Bells

Spotify playlist, minus Salman Khan & Asin (sorry, guys):

See you all this weekend, when DJ Ghostwriter gives us another epic installment of D . . . D . . . P . . . P . . . (that’s supposed to be a dramatic echo, fyi).

January 11: A Triple Threat!

It’s good to be back! To celebrate the end of DDPP Twin Cities’ hiatus, brand-new Den Mothers DJ Groove, DJ Debutante, and DJ Low-Fi collaborated on a playlist. The result is an unpredictable mix featuring everything from Bounce to British pop to Bollywood. Check it out:

Yelle: Complètement Fou
Culture Club: Church of the Poison Mind
Chuck Wood: Seven Days is Too Long
Mystery Skulls (feat. Nile Rogers and Brandy): Magic
Diplo (feat. Nicky Da B): Express Yourself
Gina X Performance: Nice Mover
Ssion: Clown
Ofra Haza: In Nin’alu
Nicola Roberts: Cinderella’s Eyes
Kreayshawn: Gucci Gucci
Mark Ronson (feat. Bruno Mars): Uptown Funk
The Faint: Mental Radio
Yo Yo Honey Singh: Sunny Sunny
Marvin Gaye: Ain’t That Peculiar
Alphadiabetic: Valley of Fire

Here’s the Spotify playlist, minus Chuck and Yo Yo, who are too cult for the Internet.

Next session (January 25), we’ll be fighting another battle in the War Against Cold with some hot jams from DJ Rashes. Spicy!

And finally, I’d like to dedicate this set to Nicky Da B, my fave Bounce artist who passed away late last year. The world is a sadder place without him in it. Nicky, we’re sure you’re twerking in heaven:

A special thanks to all the *NEW* ladies that came out tonight — hope to see you on the 25th!

. . . Aaand we’re back!

Hi everybody! We are very happy to report that Dance Dance Party Party Twin Cities will be back in business in 2015. There are some exciting changes happening, and here they are in no particular order:

New Den Mothers

The shining torch of Dance Partying has changed hands once again (though we do hope that Den Mothers Emeriti will stop by!). Your new Den Mothers are Kelsey (DJ Low-Fi), Judie (DJ Groove) and Jessie (DJ Debutante). We’ll be posting bios soon, and we’re looking forward to DDPPing with all of you!

New Schedule

DDPP will now take place two Sundays a month from 6:15-7:15 PM. Generally, this will be the second and fourth Sunday, but it’s always good to check the Schedule. Here’s our calendar for the first few months of 2015:

 January 11
January 25
February 8
February 22
March 8
March 22

New Location

We will now be dancing at Smiling Lune Studio  in the gorgeous Calhoun Building in Uptown Minneapolis. Our new address is 711 Lake Street West, Minneapolis MN, 55408. Behold!:

Smiling Lune is located on the fourth floor in Suite 417. There is usually free parking available on side streets in the evenings.

New Payment System

DDPP is now pay-what-you-can. Do you have five dollars? Two dollars? No dollars? You’re welcome to shake your butt (and other various body parts) with us regardless.

So many changes! Whew! But you know what they say: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same. Here are some things that haven’t changed:

Same unpredictable, delectable, diverse playlists!

Same space in which to bust out-of-control moves with zero side-eye!

Same lady-positive, booze-free, life-affirming atmosphere!

Same relaxed, welcoming environment—whether we’re grooving to Beyoncé or Big Black; whether it’s your first dance or your 100th; we’re very excited to dance with you. See you January 11!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Effusive praise? Contact us on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail (ddpptwincities at gmail dot com).